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In honor of this momentous 15-year milestone we invite you to make our birthday feel special by sharing feedback that cakes our breath away. Feel free to boost (or bust) our egos on this special day!

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We love hearing our client's feedback! (Seriously, don't be shy)
  • Rabbi Moshe Bryski
  • Rabbi Levi Neubort
  • Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas
  • Rabbi Menachem Block
  • Rabbi Zev Johnson
  • Rabbi Shraga Sherman
  • Dovid Russ
  • Rabbi Aron Schimmel
  • “We recently held our Match Campaign and used Click for all design, email preparation, strategy, website and social media. Every member of their team was exceptional and available at all times. They are superb! Absolutely superb!”

    Rabbi Moshe Bryski
    Chabad of the Conejo

  • “On behalf of the entire Anshei staff, I thank you for doing an OUTSTANDING job on our website and branding. There is a palpable sense of pride that we are all experiencing with the new site. We just love the adulation from parents and community members. Yasher Koach!”

    Rabbi Levi Neubort
    Anshei Lubavitch

  • “I have worked with the crew at Click on many projects and over many years and they deliver a great product, great service and are always on point with your vision. I also like how the Creative Director always reviews the final work one last time and has a great eye. Looking forward to working on many more projects together.”

    Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas

  • “…Your dedication to serve the Shluchim is special and your customer service and talent are exceptional. You are the right person for what you are doing…”

    Rabbi Menachem Block
    Chabad of Plano

  • “Thanks y’all. This look amazing! …I think its one of the best looking emails out there!”

    Rabbi Zev Johnson
    Jewish Longhorns

  • “They are one of the first designers who understood what I wanted the “first time” and they were as fast-paced as we are!”

    Rabbi Shraga Sherman
    Chabad of the Main Line, PA

  • “Unbelievable what you did in a few hours. Thank you all, I know I can count on you guys for the impossible!”

    Dovid Russ
    Friendship Circle Montreal

  • “Thanks very very much for a job well done! It is indeed a masterpiece! Looks great, nice and clean; no words to express my gratitude to you.”

    Rabbi Aron Schimmel
    Chabad N.E. Iowa