B is for Bikur Cholim

And Branding. And Brainstorming. And Behind-the-scenes. And, and…

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka
Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights

Annual Breakfast and Auction 2023

Strategy, Copywriting, Branding, Design, Advertising, Social Media

The Campaign

There are lots of things that go into the makings of a community-wide campaign. But it all starts with a strong cup of coffee, and, well, great strategy to devise creative marketing concepts that can be branded to form a cohesive campaign that is easily recognized from a distance, like on a random pole on Montgomery and Kingston. Recognize this heart comprised of flowers? That’s all part of the branding.

What’s the story behind the heart? For an organization – and campaign – that is centered around healing, a heart was the perfect representation. To add to the meaningful depiction, a variety of flowers placed by individual hands comprised the heart, illustrating that by being there for others, one can bring about healing.

So there you have it, the big picture behind the little picture, as seen in this eye-catching ad we created for @crownedition_

The Results

When every component of your campaign is perfectly coordinated and equally as beautiful, we call that #goals.

But seriously, details matter. From the admission ticket and signs to journal, digital screens and everything in between – let no detail be spared!

Sometimes you’ve got to think outside-the-box to fit inside the box. Our design responsibilities include whipping out a measuring tape and running a few test prints to ensure our box cover designs perfectly fit and coordinate with the ballot box measurements. They don’t call us jack-of-all-trades for nothing!

The Feedback

…And that’s a wrap! 🎬

We might need an extra cup (or 2, or 3 😴) of coffee after working ’round the clock, but feedback like this makes it all worth it!

Congratulations @crownheights_bikurcholim and @sara.event.productions on another spectacular event! 👏 What an incredible organization and what a wonderful campaign to be a part of 💜