A Deeper Look

Case Studies

Project Likkutei Sichos is a groundbreaking initiative with the goal of learning all 1,227 Sichos in 8 years. Embarking on the journey of studying the Rebbe’s Likutei Sichos is like diving into an ocean of wisdom, where profound insights meet practical guidance. It’s a path that connects the loftiest realms of spirituality with our everyday lives, inviting us to deepen our understanding and ignite our souls.
There are lots of things that go into the makings of a community-wide campaign. But it all starts with a strong cup of coffee, and, well, great strategy to devise creative marketing concepts that can be branded to form a cohesive campaign that is easily recognized from a distance, like on a random pole on Montgomery and Kingston. Recognize this heart comprised of flowers? That’s all part of the branding.
ChabadU, a subsidiary of chabad.org, teaches online courses about a wide variety of topics of interest. This time, we were tasked with the branding, course copy and design of “Red, White, and Jewish”, a 4-part course delving into the rich and diverse history of Judaism in America, from the arrival of the first Jewish settlers to the American colonies to today’s thriving Jewish community.